Wiersz PICTURES OF WIESCKA autorstwa Grahama Mastertona

Poniżej przedstawiamy wiersz, który Graham napisał w zeszłym tygodniu na cześć swojej zmarłej żony, Wiescki:



In every photograph she smiles at me

With such a secret smile, as if she knows

That she’ll be gone one day and I’ll be sitting here

Looking at all that’s left of her, these pictures

Through eyes so filled with tears they seem to dance


I think of all of the stories that I’ve written

Of people who can walk through mirrors

Or paintings that can come to life;

And when I hold these pictures I can almost hear

The sea, the trees, the sunny afternoon

And Wiescka’s laughter, carried by the wind


But these are photographs, no more than that

Just light and shadows from a world

Where Wiescka lives, but I cannot return to, even once

To touch her hand, her hair, or just to say

Don’t smile that secret smile, one day that smile

Will make me miss you more than you can know

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